Matt Holland

Name: Matt "Highway" Holland
Clearance: L3
Role: Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 ("White Rabbits")
Age: 27
Height: 5'10
Nationality: American
Physical Description: Pale blue eyes, short dark brown hair, semi-muscular tone,
Background: Matt Holland grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He enlisted into the U.S. Army at 18, and became apart of the 101st Airborne Division. After a tour in Afghanistan, and a conversation with an ODA 574 officer gave him the idea to join Ranger School.He earned the nickname "Highway" through a bit of a comical event shortly after completing Ranger school. Holland was patrolling on a highway into Bagram, when an IED went off nearby. Holland wasn't harmed, but he was sent off of the highway and onto a ruined car. Again, luckily enough, unharmed. After this, he went into the Crimean peninsula to suppress a terrorist threat. However, a field agent from the Foundation was also there attempting to secure an instance of SCP 131 "Eye Pods". After assisting the field agent (Holland was ordered to do so), the man asked him if he wanted to join the Foundation. Holland agreed, given that the other alternative was amnestics. He is now apart of Mobile Task Force Lambda-5.
He currently is in a relationship with Jolika Dark, an agent that has been affected by SCP-7376.
Holland had also done a number of notable actions during his time in the Foundation.
Holland has destroyed SCP-035. He has assisted Epsilon-11 agent Adrian Savage on an operation involving a site overran with xenomorph-like creatures, and Holland has assisted in repelling Serpent's Hand forces from Site 13.

During site 13's detonation, Holland was in Cuba assisting in the decimation of a Chaos Insurgency cell that had taken to extremist methods of deadly force against the locals. Holland was sent in along with a number of Field Agents and regular NATO forces, the cell acting as a terrorist organization as a cover while looking for SCP's in the region. Holland is now currently in Site 110, questioning whether the Foundation's ideals were really best.

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