Dr. Stephan Faust


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Name: Stephan Faust
Clearance: Lv.3
Roles: Senior Researcher (Esoterics, Occult Studies)
Age: 38
Height: 1.79 Meter
Nationality: Swiss
Physical Description: very light skin; wears fake glasses; looks a bit like a “crazy” Scientist, which shocks him whenever he looks into a mirror; long curly hair, which he forced into a ponytail;
Background: Born in Zurich. Unobtrusive schooling until he came to the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). During his studies, he began to engage excessively with esoteric and occult themes, which led to a incident. The incident brought him to the attention of the Foundation. His stance toward this incident, which he had caused indirectly, later led to his employment in the Foundation. He is since 10 years personal of a German Side in Switzerland. He worked hard to get where he now is and co-workers like him, but some are annoyed by his thirst for knowledge.
He is in a Foundation-intern exchange program. He asked to be sent to Site-110 because of a private reason. He has many mental scars.

Status: (23/50)

+1 to Shooting
+2 to Dodging
+1 to Melee Compact
+1 to Melee Weapons
+3 to Aimed Throwables
+1 Combat Lifesaving

+0 to Surgery
+6 to Perception
+1 to General Medicine
+1 to Crypsis
+1 to Subterfuge
+1 to Engineering

+1 to Thaumatology
+5 to Occult/Ritual
+1 to Anartistry

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