Walter Winters

Name: Walter Winters

Clearance: L4 (Cogn. L5)

Role(s): Department Head (Cognitohazards)

Age: 25

Height: 182cm

Physical Description: short, neatly combed dark brown, almost black hair; dark grey eyes, high cheekbones and sunken cheeks; narrow bloodless lips; pale skin; lean and thin

Background: Walter Winters was born on the 17th February in 1993 into a upper-middle class family in Brighton. He lived a fairly normal life and was able to skip a grade once due to his competence and intelligence. He studied memetics and basic psychology at the University of Brighton.

During a containment breach at a nearby Foundation Site in the year 2014 Walter stumbled upon a Euclid Class anomaly that he succesfully contained and kept secret for four days before being found by Foundation Agents, offered a position, amnesticized and fully recruited after the end of his semester.

He started off in Site-19 as a researcher in the Memetics Division of the Cognitohazards Department, where he would quickly learn how to handle his new position and establish himself as a valuable asset in said Department. However, only a few months after he started working there the Site fell due to a large scaled attack of the Chaos Insurgency, leading to him temporarly staying at the previously mentioned Site in Brighton until getting transferred to Site-13.

Three years later, he would eventually become the Head of the Cognitohazards Department, which he is currently still running with exceptional efficiency - notorious for working hours overtime, having a strictly professional and formal relation to his subordinates and his depressed state that has only recently developed and opposed his arrogant, narcissistic and seemingly sociopathic nature of the past.

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