Sandra Grey

Name: Sandra Grey

Clearance: L5

Role(s): Ethics Committee Board Member

Age: 36

Height: 174cm

Nationality: American

Physical Description: An unremarkable woman, often times wearing a business suit. Raven hair that she wears as a ponytail kost of the time, ordinary brown eyes.

Background: Has spent 12 years at the Foundation, most of the time at Human Resourcers. Became a member of the Ethics Committee at the age of 32 in Site-17, transferred to Site-13 at the earliest possible point in time. She fought the vastly different ethical standarts and policies of the staff and the Overseers there at first, however gave up after two years, trying to maintain the Committee at Site-13 to the best of her abilities. One of the few Committee's Board members who weren't reprimanded and amnesticized after O5-13's disappearance and O5-8's takeover as his position as the Committee's supervisor.

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