Markus Brand

Name: Markus Brand

Clearance: L3 (Cogn. L4)

Role(s): Senior Researcher (Cognitohazards)

Age: 34

Height: 187cm

Nationality: German

Physical Description: Brown haired and blue eyed individual with a chiseled face and small nose. Usually seen with a semi-serious expression.

Background: Much like most other researchers, Markus was recruited for being a capable man who could be trusted with secrecy. Most of his life was spent in Darmstadt, Germany, a city Markus never really liked. Even after joining the Foundation with 29 he stayed in close proximity to it due to the nearby Site, only escaping by requesting transfer to Site-13. Though part of the Cognitohazards Division, the amount if memetic anomalies began to greatly fascinate him which led him to switching Divisons shortly before McArthur's, the former Department Head's, death.
His most notable accomplishment was the work he conducted on the now neutralized SCP-7991, which led to the design of Procedure 833-Boaz.

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