Ludvig Ivar Olander

Name: Ludvig Ivar Olander

Clearance: L4 (Thaumat. L5)


  • Division Lead for Traditional Thaumatological Studies
  • Type Blue (trad. mage)

Age: 27

Height: 174cm

Nationality: Swedish

Physical Description: An incredibly lean young man with an innocent boyish face. His expression is usually inviting and friendly.

The usual outfit of his is a white dress shirt underneath a beige, defined and high-collared student's uniform appearing to be based on fantastical-medieval designs, with a supplementary lean dark brown tie and brown shoes. He almost always carries a beige vintage leather case filled with various items, all neatly organized in the resiliant case. His gun of choice is a M206, which he carries in his coat's inner pocket.

Background: Born in Sweden, he grew up in his hometown Turku, where he found himself to fit in with the local community. When his family moved to Rochdale, England just after his 12th birthday, he was saddened, and tried to deal with his frustration by exploring the city. By chance he stumbled upon a Way to the Wanderer'd Library after witnessing a person going through. Intrigued by the Library and all the knowledge it grated him, he kept quiet about it and instead furthered his own knowledge, taking a particular interest in magic due to having had a revealing talk about magic with a Serpent's Hand member - but instead of going the suggested route of enhancing his abilities by learning about modern magic, he rather learned more about the old practices and traditions, staying a rather ineffective mage.

Of course his activity did not go unnoticed, leading to him falling under the radar of the Global Occult Coalition with 16, the agents of which put him on a low response level due to his cooperative nature. They would later come to regret it, as he ended up with the Foundation upon meeting Sigma-3 agents in the Library.

He was excellent in all regards - an exceptionally skilled researcher who eagerly learned about Thaumatology, yet kept insisting on the old ways. It came to no surprise that he became the Lead of the Divison foe Traditional Thaumatological Studies - in fact, O5-8, who had been partially mentoring Ludvig at first, spoke of him with the highest regards at that time.

Though apparently upbeat and polite most of the time, many who interact with him for a longer time know of his eery and downright disturbing nature.

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