Leon Warwick

Name: Leon Warwick

Clearance: L2

Role(s): Junior Assistant Researcher (Non-Organics)

Age: 23

Height: 179cm

Nationality: American

Physical Description: Young and unremarkable are words that do apply well to Leon - there aren't many distinct features to him. His brown hair is simply combed to the side, his glasses are a standard model and not different from most others. He's what most people think of when they hear the term "eager student". His eyes are, however, piercig green.

Background: Born and raised in a British family living at the US East Coast, Leon got recruited as a Non-Organics researcher after finishing University in January of the year 2018. Assigned as the protege of Greg Wulf, who volunteered to take care of Leon, he has quickly adapted to the Foundation's methods and viewpoints, proving himself to be quite a capable researcher. He does everything by the book and follows protocol as strictly as no other, which makes him a nuisance to most staff members and leaves one wondering why Greg out of all people decided to be the mentor of Leon.

To him, the destruction of Site-13 was outrageous, and went to prove the issues of not strictly abiding protocol and containment procedures.

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