Dr. James Doug

Name: Doctor James Doug

Clearance: L4


  • Ethics Committee member
  • Senior Researcher (Cognitohazards)

Age: 39

Height: 157cm

Nationality: American

Physical Description: Doug is a short, middle-aged man with a baldening head and small round glasses. While he doesn't exactly appear to be sympathetic he is often seen as polite.

Background: Doug is a calm, analytical person and was with Kingsley often seen as the voice of reason in emergencies and stressful situations.

He was born and raised in Massachusetts, starting to doubt myths, legends and fairytales at an early age. During his time as an unemployed person he would spend his free time researching and debunking paranormal stories, at times in exchange for money. After having finished studying maths and physics he became a scientist at a small and independent institute.

At the age of 32 he encountered and tried to research a string of anomalous events in his area, failing to come up with an explanation which could at least convince him that there was a rational explanation behind it all, which led to the Foundaton recruiting him. Every two years he transfers to another Site so that he can work on and with a variety of anomalies.

He became a member of the Ethics Committee in January of 2018 and is currently jumping from one project to another, observing and occasionally reporting violations of ethical standards.

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