Chris Walker

Name: Chris Walker

Clearance: L3

Role(s): Senior Researcher (Cognitohazards)

Age: 28

Height: 183cm

Nationality: American

Physical Description: Despite being around thirty years old, Chris does look fairly young and almost boyish. His hair's blonde and his eyes are of a nice maroon shade.

Background: Born at an unknown location, adopted and raised in Providence. His French step-father left the family when Chris was three years old. Chris studied psychology and physics, though experienced problems with both. He got recruited by the Foundation after leaving University and began his career in the Cognitohazards Department of a local research facility, and later in Site-13 due to his interest and prior psychological experiences.

The fall of Site-13 didn't affect him all that much, and he quickly got used to his new surroundings at Site-110.
While he knows that he is adopted, he doesn't know of any other relatives.

He's charismatic, hedonistic, and irresponsible.

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