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In SCP_RP users come together roleplay as one of multiple different roles in the Foundationverse. Mainly based on the Resurrection canon and using parts of certain others, we have created our own unique world, allowing for new developments that aren't bound to the restrictive nature of the Mainsite's content.
Some SCPs are and can be altered for the sake of new discoveries and a less repetitive Roleplay experience. Having been created in August of 2017, the servers has changed greatly, leading to several other Roleplay projects to branch off from it.
For the longest time the server has been centered around the daily lives of Foundation personnel at the successor Site of Site-19, but in order to grant the playerbase more RP possibilities and make the whole world feel more alive, the server underernt a major renovation on the 28th July of 2018. Because of that, the whole world is noe open to be played in, and people now have the option to create characters that are affiliated with other Groups of Interest.


Character Creation

Characters are to be created following the correct format. The URL-suffix of the character pages are to start with your Wikidot username, followed by the full name of the character.
For example, if your character's name is 'Walter Winters', and your Wikidot username PilzeningPilzening, the suffix that is to be typed into the Character Sheet creation box would be pilzening-walter-winters.
The links to the characters are then to be added in form of the character's name to the appropriate category, followed by a tag of your username, which looks like this:
Walter Winters by PilzeningPilzening.
The format goes as follows: [<LINK> <CHARACTER NAME>] by [[*user]]. To the 'User' box you simply add your username after *user.

Create your pages here:

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