Witt Sanderson


Affiliation: Global Occult Coalition
Serial Number: [CLASSIFIED]
Title: Specialized Skills Officer

Real Name: Witt Sanderson
Nationality: American
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 6'3" - 191 Centimeters

Biographical Information

Physical Description: A sandy haired, emerald green eyed medic with masculine-defined facial structure usually free of facial hair, and a very toned and athletic body. Facing comfort issues with jeans he usually gravitates toward combat apparel.
Background: Born in Stonewall, Manitoba, Witt grew up skipping back and forth across the southern border between Minnesota and his town of birth. His father was a Special Mission Aviator in the United States Air Force, and his mother a Canadian dental hygienist who changed her place of work fairly regularly to keep up with basing. Witt finished high school in Canada with no idea what he was going to do for the rest of his life, with the only guiding light being a sense to define his life from service. Desiring to do aid to people where they needed it most, he almost went down the rabbit hole of a medical field, then decided the best place to save a life was the front line. He enlisted into the United States Army at 17 through an Option 40 contract, allowing him to be trained into a Special Operations Combat Medic at 19. He served several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan where his exceptional performance as a combat medic caught the attention of Global Occult Coalition field liaison officers.
GOC agents embedded in the United States Army recruited Witt Sanderson quietly, first as a probationary operative, affiliating him secretly with the GOC through the remainder of his active service with the American military. Upon separating, he was fully recruited into the Global Occult Coalition's clandestine activities division, undergoing further training as a Political Actions Officer. He was titled the highest paygrade of a sleeper cell, which was subsequently embedded into the Special Containment Procedures Foundation through infiltration efforts. Through the SCP Foundation, Witt's operative cell was occasionally tasked with black operations and espionage but sat largely dormant through the years. After knowledge of Project Resurrection and Esoteric Mobile Task Force Alpha-9 ("Last Hope") was unfolded, full activation seemed inevitable, and it was.
The order came during a massive breach event at Site-13, Nunavut, Canada. Global Occult Coalition high command activated sleeper agents stationed at said facility. Witt Sanderson and his subordinates proceeded to conduct an extensive neutralization operation, a successful mission yet unconnected to the GOC. Following said operation, Witt was transferred from the political activities to the Coalition's direct military action branch.

Career Service Vitae

Subject is a talented veteran of Coalition field intelligence, and his experience includes espionage and high-risk infiltration inside rival organizations. Subject has been decorated multiple times for dedication to his subordinates and valor in esoteric operations. Peers cite his loyalty to comrades, as well as grace under fire.

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