Antea Allocca

Name: Antea Allocca
Affiliation: Global Occult Coalition
Role: GOC Researcher
Age: 27
Height: 5'9"
Nationality: Italian
Physical Description: Red-haired, pale. Face dotted with freckles. Bright.
Backstory: Early in her life, Antea's sister, later known as Intra Azzarro although originally known as Aza Allocca, left their hometown to join Anderson Robotics, changing her name in the process so as to keep attention from the anomalous world away from her family. Similarly, her brother, Tandem Allocca, left to join an anomalous church called the Church of the Broken God.
Antea was dead-set on getting a good college education, specifically on her interest on geometry. Though disappointed in the few opportunities for jobs seen in said field, she instead took the route of her second interest: Physics. She got a degree in Quantum Physics and soon afterwards joined a privatized research company. The entire time she worked there, she tried to keep workplace moral high even through the hardest of times, and was easily more dedicated than most other people.
Always interested in the possibility of alternate timelines or universes, along with dimensions past the third dimension, Antea was recruited as a researcher for the Foundation at 23 after extensive research into fields relating to reality. Despite her initial protests, she came to enjoy being in the realities department greatly, forgetting her former wish to work on more geometrical concepts.
Later on in her life, after the destruction of Site-13 and the activation of GOC sleeper cells, her boyfriend Witt Sanderson included, Antea defected to the Global Occult Coalition to work as a researcher for them.

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